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Please read this important legislative update from SC United for Justice & Equality

Today, the SC United for Justice & Equality coalition came together to reaffirm support for protecting LGBTQ youth from ‘conversion therapy,’ following an opinion from the South Carolina Attorney General (requested by anti-#LGBTQ Sen. Kimbrell) that the City of Columbia’s ordinance banning the practice could be unconstitutional.
“There is nothing unconstitutional about protecting minors from a dangerous and debunked practice that we know results in years of damage to the mental health of young people,” we said today in a statement. “We were proud and grateful to see Columbia lawmakers do the right thing last summer by joining 100+ cities and 20 states nationwide in passing a local ordinance protecting minors from the horrible anti-LGBTQ practice of so-called ‘conversion therapy.’ It’s a major step toward the future we want to build where all South Carolinians, including LGBTQ youth, know that they are loved, supported, and safe.”
Now the Columbia City Council needs to hear from you. Send a message to the City Council expressing strong support for the 2021 ordinance protecting minors from anti-LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy.’ Click here to send a message to every member of City Council.

The opinion from the Attorney General’s office comes against the backdrop of S.811, a bill seeking to preempt South Carolina municipalities from passing local ordinances that prohibit licensed therapists from subjecting minors to ‘conversion therapy.’ This version of S.811 was amended and advanced last week by a subcommittee of the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee, which is scheduled to discuss the bill on Thursday, February 17.

If you haven’t yet, send a message to the committee members urging them to vote NO on S.811, which effectively endorses anti-LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy.’

Thank you,

The SC United for Justice & Equality Coalition

P.S.  Learn more about ‘conversion therapy’ with this fact sheet and resources about the dangerous practice.

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Greenville, SC

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